DAY 2 
1. Singapore is the only country that uses the entire country as a water catchment. 
2. Asia is becoming a focal point for electronic companies because of the supply chain in the region. In 1966, the first transistor was invented. Integrates circuits were also invented in 1958. IBN was the first company to release the first commercial computer. Integrated circuits consist of BRAINSTORM which stands for, Bio, Radio, Auto, Info, Nano, Hydro, Audio, Video,  and Energy. The electronical electronics & biology revolution is here which in this case is electronic contact lens which will enable the blind to see, brain implants and also programmable blood. Such aspects as production of cars and warfare will also be affected
3. Smaller size for a fixed volume = larger surface area
4. That animation is a longer process than usual and Toy Story was actually the first 3D movie that got released in the movies. How tedious the work is for animators and how much commitment is needed for an animation film.
5. The closer two objects are, the higher amount of gravitational force. Relative sea level = sea surface to solid surface. When you put a glacier on land, the land will go down and increase relative sea level. 

Deepest impression on me? It would be the 5th one because i can relate to in more in terms of the flooding in Singapore such as at ION. 

Day 3 

1.I choose this project because I was curious about the fastest ball challenge and wanted to deepen my knowledge in physics and learn new things such as vectors. It also appealed to me the most because its a challenge instead of just a simple project like the rest of the projects. I also wanted to go to the lab in NTU and do some experiments related to chemistry and apparently 3A was the extraction of caffeine from tea in the labs. I was really interested on how they would extract the caffeine out except from my general knowledge is that you can do it by filtration. It would be really interesting to find out the different machines in the lab that NTU provides the student with and also the learning environment in the lab. I feel that since I did something related to caffeine in my previous ISS, I should try to continue down that path to broaden my knowledge and perspectives of caffeine. 

2. My role in the group? I suppose everyone had the same role which was to cooperate. We all did equal amounts of work and we also worked well together. I suppose what I was doing was recording down the information for the fastest ball challenge, calculating the average for some from the readings and also determining the best timing.

3. Challenges my group encountered during the last 2 days should be about managing time considering we did not have enough time to do the work we wanted to accomplish during the 1 extra hour given and we were also told to do a skit like last minute so that also took up time at the same time when we were originally just supposed have a keynote presentation and our blogs. 

4. Through this project, I discovered that time management is very important when you work in a team because if the team does not agree on a certain thing or maybe just one small thing, I can affect the entire project which would be crucial. To be able to manage your time takes prioritising and also sacrificing. Another thing I discovered was the proper procedure to extract caffeine from beverages and also how do use the rotary evaporator and how its much more useful than just leaving it out there to evaporate. 

5. As an individual, I believed I have benefitted from this programme in terms of my knowledge of extractions and filtration from beverages because at first I thought it was just simple filtration but it ended up to be much more complicated and require much more knowledge with the equipments. And also in terms of how more inclination ≠ more speed.

6. My aspirations is to increase my knowledge on both aspects of the project so that the information would not be stuck in my head in the corner and I can use that information for good use.