Plenary Sessions

1. Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean .
  I have learnt that we are most fortunate to be able to have clean water everywhere in Singapore . There are about a billion people out there that have to access to clean water . We must learn to appreciate water and not waste it as it is precious . Water is essential for life but when contaminated can take away lives . When water bodies are polluted , people or animals drink from it unknowingly and get some weird diseases that can be fatal . Germs that are found in the water bodies are in large amounts so we must stop pollution .

2 . Revolution of Microelectronics Technology
  I learnt that we can implant microchips into our brains in the near future because of advance nanotechnology . The microchips are suppose to help us communicate with each other easier than before . The Singapore Armed Forces have changed their battle uniforms into pixelated patterns that can deceive ones eye from afar . The pixels are like the same size as the retina of our eye , so from a distance we cannot see the pixels , or the person wearing it .

3 . Biomedical Engineering & Technology
  I just realized that blood can be programmable to make the blood flow properly or something . Advance research in Biomedical Engineering have been able to create artificial limbs for people with their limbs amputated . The artificial limbs look like the real ones .

4 . IT for Animation .
  I learnt that making an animated film is hard work because everything must be drawn from scratch and it is very tiring and painstaking , thus , the labor cost is high . Though there are softwares to assist us in making an animation , there are still plenty of things to draw .

5 . Disappearing glaciers rising sea levels , and why gravity is even more important than you think .
  I learnt that the sea levels are rising because of the gravitational force . Large amounts of large glaciers melt and the water flow into the sea , causing the sea level to rise . When the glaciers have completely melted , they relieve the ground of the weight pressing down on it , causing the land to go back straight , making the sea levels higher .

B) Deepest Impression
  The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is the disappearing glaciers rising sea levels , and why gravity is even more important than you think plenary session because I learn that the things that cause the sea levels to rise is not just melting icebergs . What I like about it is that the professor explains everything very clearly and it is very easy to understand . The topic she talked about is a global issue that many of us are aware of . Knowing more things about something that we think we have already known is very fun and enriching .

My Personal Reflection

1 . I choose this project because I have never tried to extract something from something I encounter regularly . I thought it would be a fun and interesting thing to try something I have not . And indeed , the caffeine extraction process was really enlightening and I feel a sense of accomplishment after that .

2 . My role in the group is to take pictures of the experiments so we can use it on the blog and the presentation .

3 . Not many challenges were in our way . Just that most of us were tired for some reasons so we were not very alert .

4 . Through this project , I discovered that Abigail is a hardworking person and likes to take down notes although she can be VERY lazy sometimes . She groans and moans and rolls around before she gets out of her bed . AND SHE SNORES .

5 . As an individual , I learn more stuff from this programme .

6 . My aspiration is to be awesome